Take-E City - Your Best Companion for Daily Travel

Designed specifically for urban commuting, Take-E City system allows you to move elegantly and quickly. Whether for your daily commute or weekend getaways, you can ride effortlessly and arrive sweat-free, showcasing your speed and elegant style.

TAKE-E City is an electric-assist bike system that is designed for urban travel.

TAKE-E City system is an electric-assist bike system designed specifically for urban travel. It allows you to travel quickly and elegantly, making it perfect for both daily commutes and weekend getaways.

TAKE-E City是一款專為城市出行打造的電動輔助自行車系統


TAKE-E City系統是一款專為城市出行而生的電動輔助自行車系統,它可以讓您以優雅的方式快速移動,不僅可以應對日常通勤,同時也非常適合假日出遊。