The instrument panel is an important component of the Take-E electric-assist bicycle, which possesses the following features:

Minimalist design with comprehensive information: The Take-E instrument panel is renowned for its sleek and intuitive design. It integrates various display functions, including speed, mileage, battery level, and other important information. Even while riding, you can easily grasp these key data, providing a safer and more convenient riding experience.

Equipped with BLE system: Some Take-E instrument panels are equipped with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) system, allowing the panel to connect with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices. Through the BLE connection, you can transmit riding information to the mobile application in real-time, enabling you to monitor and analyze data to better understand your riding status and vehicle performance.

Easy assembly and disassembly: Installing and removing the Take-E instrument panel is extremely simple. You can effortlessly install it on the handlebar and easily detach it when needed. This convenience facilitates maintenance and replacement of the instrument panel, allowing you to make personalized adjustments and perform maintenance tasks with ease.

The Take-E brand's instrument panel features a sleek design with comprehensive information and is equipped with a BLE system, enabling you to easily monitor riding information. Additionally, the instrument panel is easy to assemble and disassemble, and as part of an electric-assist bicycle, it contributes to environmental protection.