Take-E eBike Powertrain system

Empowering eco-friendly and comfortable rides. 

Take-E is a series of products designed by experienced Taiwanese craftsmen and the professional power train design of CT. It aims to reduce waste and increase battery service life for a safer, more comfortable, and more honorable riding experience. 

CT eScooter Powertrain System

CT e-Scooter Powertrain

The high power, high torque, and high reactivity of the wheel system are especially suitable for high and low undulating terrain, which can easily climb uphill, climb, and load cargo. The overall efficiency is higher than the general wheel motor, but the price is more affordable, easy to install, and suitable for a variety of commercial models.

CTMC 48/72/96 Series  Motor Controller 

The CTMC DC motor controller is specially designed for electric vehicles. A variety of safety protection mechanisms and stable drive design to achieve better drive of electric locomotives. Multiple rated voltages and maximum currents can correspond to electric vehicles of different specifications. 



CTPW Pull-wire accelerator position sensing accelerator

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Overall resistance: 5.0 kΩ ±20%

Vibration test: 50~300HZ, 20G, 60Hr

waterproof level: IP65

Service life: 1 million times